May and June 23
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 During winter months, we include heat packs and insulation
for no additional charge.
We know that many other dubia suppliers sell their roaches by weight
rather than by count.  At BuyDubiaRoaches we sell by count. However, to make it
easier for customers to compare the value they’re getting, we’ve added the gram
weight per 100 count to each size nymph we offer.  That way customers can easily
see that you get more roach for your money by ordering from us.

Our Roaches are Fat and Happy!
Mix nymphs    ¼ - 1 inch in length
Extra Small nymphs   ¼ inch or less in length
Small nymphs   3/8 inch in length
Small/Med nymphs 4/8 - 5/8 inch in length
Med nymphs   6/8-7/8 inch in length
Large nymphs   1 - 1 1/8th inch in length
NO Shipping to Florida
small-medium nymphs S/S
extra small nymphsS/S
Small nymphsS/S
Mix Sizes 1/4- 1 inS/S
1in-1 1/8inch Large nymphsS/S
Medium nymphs S/S
20% of each size we sell
.07g per roach
.12g per roach
.215g per roach
.44g per roach
.785g per roach
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