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Ryoko in GA
I just wanted to express my delight in my purchase. It was a simple order, 2 male dubia and
10 females along with 4 extra male dubias. When my package arrived and I opened it I was
Delighted to find more than I expected, an extra adult pair of dubia and nymphs that were not
born in shipping. Because I have had trouble ordering from some people online I had wanted to
make sure that they got my order so I e-mailed them about my order and was surprised to
Find that they e-mailed me  back as soon as they could and were  very polite. Though I know
I am NOT their only customer  the respect that they showed me in my e-mails made me feel
as though I were. I would not hesitate to order from them again and look forward to it in the future.
Thank you very much!
Marianne ,IN
Hi,just wanted you to know the roaches arrived safely,and they look great!
Thank you so much for fast shipping and great communication.
I will recommend you to fellow herp hobbyists!
You'll have the biggest,heathiest    best prices roaches on the net BY FAR
I've order from many other places to try out but at the end I always came back
to you'll don't now what ur secret but keep it up. True fact too. I've order all
med from other companys and somehow ull SMALLS can eat the other meds from
the other places no joke. Maybe other places aren't bad just got high standards
since my first ever order was from you'll and. received roaches on steriods:D feel
free to edit it how ever u want it to fit in there all true too just a great company
and people  great good job guysYup always I don't bs I find a great company
and.stay with it you guys are seriously the number one in dubia roaches by
far in my words if anyone has anything else to say order some and I promise
they will never order from someone else again. Or ill buy them a free order
from. there own place lol
Jeremy LA
Roaches made it today in excellent condition!  Thank you so much for being a
customer satisfaction based business.  I will tell anyone that is looking for
feeders to come and check you guys out.  Thanks.
Emily, VA
i just wanted to take time out to THANK YOU for your awesome customer service
and your awesome dubia .... it was the third experience i have had buying roaches,
and the first two were horrible.  i am a classic scaredy-cat case of roaches
b/c of my other dubia purchases .... but i think im cured!!! i WAS terrified of
dubia, b/c the other two orders they let them roam free in the box ....
they were  crawling up the box, out the box, falling upside down out the box
etc.  SO, to open the box THIS time and find them containers was SO helpful.
i know it  sounds silly, but, it was a much easier process for me to deal with
them being in  the containers.  before, i never could.  i even picked some
up and today with my  hands, can you believe it? you have single handed-ly
eased my mind knowing that  i will not be getting roaches climbing straight
out of the box.  you guys shipped SO fast and packaged SO wonderfully,
and my Bearded Dragon is in LOVE with them.  fast, friendly, and officially
how a customer for life!!!  i feel really good about eeding her your dubia
and so does she, i have never seen her gobble up anything  like she did
your roaches before!!!  i placed my second order within 2 hours of recieving
the package today.  so more are on the way to me!  i feel that this
ranks right up there with the smoothest live prey transactions i have had.
THANK YOU and we love your buggies!!!  
Stephanie in Utah
"Best Prices, Healthy Roaches, Expert Shipping and Handling procedures and Fast
Delivery add up to a 100% positive experience!!! This was my first time ordering
roaches and I am much more impressed with the way you handled everything that
I can't believe I didn't stop ordering crickets and start ordering roaches sooner!
I am very happy with my shipment and will continue to order from you in the future
and recommend you to other friends and family. Thank you!"
Ernie, CO
Just sending a note regarding my purchase that arrived today,
I am very happy with the quality of the roaches and the extra bonus roaches
that were added into the order. Thank you so much for looking ahead and seeing
the snow storm moving into my area and placing the order as "Hold at Post Office".
You guys are more informed about my local weather conditions than I was.
The storm hit and I had no worries whatsoever. Thanks again, I will definitely
keep you at the top of my list for future orders.
RDavis Texas
Would like to say thank you very much for your incredible customer
service!  I had an issue with the USPS and immediately left a message for
you with my contact number.  I was astonished to say the least that within perhaps
an  hour I received a call from you to assist with the problem. (Note to readers,
it was after hours and not the next day or later) Problem was solved!  
It seems like this day and age caring customer service doesn’t exist.  I have
also enjoyed the emails I have received from Pam in regards to questions or
comments.  I refuse to use any other company for our  critter feeding needs!
So thank you and look forward to business in the future!!

NOTE we normally use email because it’s easier to keep track of,  but we had been
having issue with Texas’s P.O.
Michael, Maine 2/6/12
Just wanted to say Thanks again for the quick response and great service!!
I orderd 1000 roaches for an amazing price and they arived today healthy
as can be. Im extreamly happy with my order and the bonus 150 roaches
As well. I look forward to ordering from you again soon..
Daven 3/2/12
I ordered for the first time from and I was very pleased with
my order. My order was shipped and recieved very promptly. When my order arrived,
the package was well sealed and ALL of my Dubias were LIVE on arrival, and very
healthy! Ill look no further than next time I order Dubias.
Thanks again!
Miyo 5/13/12
thanks so much for your roaches!! my geckos have had it with meal
worms and crickets are to noisy (not to mention smelly!). now I no longer
have to trek 20 miles just to get roaches!! prices are great and service super quick,
what more can you ask for? thank you so much and
I'll be ordering from you again soon!!
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Nicole from Texas here!  2/213
 I just wanted to say that the roaches I ordered from you all came in healthy and
alive! They were all nicely packaged and I am a very happy customer!
Roaches came 2 days after they shipped out, all healthy and alive.
Very satisfied ^.^ -Jared from MI 3/8/13
Thanks for having great service and roaches! My local postal service screwed up
so my roaches waited at the postal office for the weekend and to my amazement,
on Monday, not a single dead or unhealthy roach.  Thanks, Jim W, CA  June 3rd 2013
Just wanted to say thanks for the great service. Arrived in two days to Pennsylvania.
Roaches all looked great and not a single dead one. Great packaging as well.
The best thing was my beardie said they were delicious. I'll be ordering more real soon.
Thanks again.
Matt L.
West Chester, PA
Hello everyone.
We just wanted to say thanks because the dubias were fast shipped,  healthy and well packed.
So far only one was dead when they arrived and  we still have a few left for our water dragon and
gecko. Switching to roaches was a big ok because they do not stink like crickets and the last longer
(our crickets were eating each other head and did not last long).
we highly recommend Buy Dubia Roaches to everyone.
Mario and Patricia M, Chalmette, LA.
Received my order within days, came packaged very well!
I ordered extra small dubia roaches perfect size for my bearded dragon!
Customer service was great they let me know I needed to pick them up from
the post office. I had ordered from another roach place online...never received
them! Defiantly will be ordering more since I really don't want to breed cockroaches!
Thank you!
Jenifer B.
Hello, 1/02/2015
After a lot of research I decided to order Dubia Roaches for my sons new bearded dragon.
I looked at many websites and decided to order with you. I thought no way in hell will these
roaches arrive alive. They were shipped Tuesday and arrived today, Friday.
The box was clearly marked HOLD FOR PICKUP. I was concerned when my fiancé told me that
the roaches had arrived at my door in sub 40 degree weather. I got home at about 7pm and
opened the box expecting a few survivors. I was very surprised to see all but two roaches
alive and well!! Roaches were sized as described and look very healthy. I am glad I chose your
company and my next purchase will no doubt be with your company. Thank you.

Very Satisfied,
Michael B
I just want to add to your customer feedback. Thank you for your prompt replies
to my emails and for helping me with the account payment confusion. Also when
my roaches arrived they were all alive and it's been chilly here in Boise.
My little bearded dragon is healthy and eating like a fatty and he never
used to eat like that. I am a first time buyer and I have just made another order.
-Lidia P 12/17/16
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